Friday, March 25, 2016

The Odder Couples

Gig Young...

Gig Young, Scott McKay
Gig Young, Robert Q.  Lewis...

Don Ameche, Robert Q. Lewis...

Dana Andrews, Robert Q. Lewis...

Harvey Stone, Lyle Talbot...

Jan Murray, Hal March...

Hal March, Jackie Coogan...

Pat Hingle, Eddie Bracken
Mike Kellin, Eddie Bracken...

Jack Klugman, Eddie Bracken...

E. G. Marshall, Dennis O'Keefe...

Dan Dailey, Elliot Reid...

Elliot Reid...

Dan Dailey, Richard Benjamin...

Alan Young

Phil Foster, George Gobel...

More from Kliph Nesteroff on Gobel & Foster in The Odd Couple:

George Gobel, Mike Kellin

Don Knotts, Art Carney...

posed with the cast

E.G. Marshall, Shelley Berman...

Shelley Berman

Jack Kelly

Robert Alda, MacIntyre Dixon

Tony Randall, Mickey Rooney...

Ray Rayner, Dale Benson

Jo Anne Worley, Sandy Dennis

Stella Stevens, Sandy Dennis

Lee Meriwether, Marla Adams

Barbara Eden, Rita McKenzie

Tim Conway, Tom Poston...

art by Jack Davis

Pat Harrington, Tim Conway

Jamie Farr, William Christopher

Bernie Kopell, William Christopher

Robert Vaughn

1991, one performance on Broadway starring Jack Klugman and Tony Randall,
Playbill art also by Jack Davis, originally created for TV GUIDE

an all-star cast, including Abe Vigoda

Dick Shawn, Jack Carter...

Jack Carter, Scott McKay

Victor Spinetti, Ken Wayne (Jack Klugman)

Jack Klugman Victor Spinetti

Frank Sutton...

Larry Linville

Richard Moll

Gerard Kelly, Craig Ferguson

Norwegian Odd Couple  (1967)

Bob Denver, Bob Basso...

Milt Kamen, Arnold Stang...

Jesse White (and Henry Morgan)

 Sheboygan Theatre Company

Comedy Theatre

Raleigh Dinner Theatre

Hole in the Wall Theatre

Harlequin Dinner Theatre

Phoenix Little Theater...

A Delaware production

Ernest Borgnine, Don Rickles...

Joe Flynn...

Gary Burghoff

Demond Wilson, Ron Glass

And what could have been...

Thanks To Kliph Nesteroff, Carol Bertolotti, Tor Lier & John Wendler


  1. Wow!And Lou Tiano as "MURRY", my favorite credit.

  2. Dan Dailey looks just like John Kasich!

  3. Sorry to be nitpicky: it's Eddie >Bracken<.Otherwise what an array of actors! The Borgnine/Rickles matchup should have been taped and archived!

  4. I saw Don Ameche and thought, "Eddie Bracken," and there he was. Arnold Stang never made it? Sterling Holloway? (We used to have Arnold's Waggish Tales LP in our house when I was a kid. You must have that one.)

    I see Ernest Borgnine and Don Rickles and I think, "They had two Oscars?" They could have renamed it "The Ordinary Couple." "I Could See How Those Two Guys Could Get Along."

    1. When cast for the Broadway production, Walter Matthau wanted to play Felix, because he considered it more of an acting challenge


  5. Thanks for the reminder Robert, Arnold Stang (and Milt Kamen) have been added.

  6. If science perfects time travel, I'm going to see the Jack Carter/Dick Shawn production.

  7. Loving this! It inspired an email thread between a bunch of my friends, naming the productions we'd most like to have seen. As I was casting my vote for the Jack Klugman/Victor Spinetti (!) production, my autocorrect made a change that inspired THIS:

  8. I would have loved to have seen the Art Carney / Don Knotts and/or Milt Kamen / Arnold Stang versions

  9. Was there one that Jason Alexander & Martin Short did?

  10. Alexander and Short did The Producers in LA, not the Odd Couple-Michael Kraus

  11. I saw the Jesse White-Roy Stuart version at the Ivar Theater in Hollywood. It was quite wonderful.

  12. Alexander and Short did reading/performances of The Odd Couple for a couple nights in LA. In 1970, Short and Eugene Levy starred in the play's first Canadian production.