Friday, April 15, 2016

All of them asked: "Norman, is that you?"

Lou Jacobi...

Maureen Stapleton & Lou Jacobi

the cast

Jack Gilford
Hans Conried...

Jesse White
Marvin Kaplin

Bobby Limb

Gale Gordon

Harvey Korman...

Don Knotts...

Pat Paulson...

Frank Sutton

John Amos

Harry Worth

with Freddie Lees

with Linda Bellingham
Redd Foxx

Babcock Theatre Productions

Milton Berle

Hampton Playhouse

Special Thanks to John Wendler


  1. Pat Paulsen for President (again)! Because, frankly, I wouldn't vote for Trump OR Hillary for dog catcher.

  2. Hey Drew,

    Thanks for sharing the Lou Jacobi drawing by Hirschfeld from 1970. I love seeing a Hirschfeld drawing I haven't seen before :)


    -daniel :)